Physician – Time to Invest in Yourself: Work-Life Balance, the Needs of the Patient, and Medical-Legal Risk Management

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Do you feel as if you race from patient to patient and procedure to procedure without time to pause and reflect?  Do you feel that you are melting down both physically and emotionally?  Do you feel ill-equipped to give the best patient care if you’re not healthy yourself? Are you concerned that patients continue to succumb to preventable chronic diseases despite trying to educate for healthy lifestyles?  Do you feel as though your patients’ care is becoming so fragmented that something important might get missed?  And you might be held accountable?

If so, this book is the ideal resource to help you turn things around. Physician - Time to Invest in Yourself:  Work-Life Balance, the Needs of the Patient, and Medical-Legal Risk Management is the new book by Authors, Timothy Paterick, MD and Elizabeth Ngo, MD.  Via this new book, it is possible to meet your life goals through a series of simple yet powerful steps that can change how you view your job and your life.

Unprecedented challenges beleaguer the practice of medicine, including disparities among legitimate patient needs, the resources to meet these needs, market forces transforming healthcare, and the physician’s need to understand how to confront these challenges.

By reading this book you gain:

  • The wisdom and tools to confront the challenges of a medical career and the struggle to maintain the primacy of the doctor-patient relationship.
  • Practical techniques to sustain your body, mind and spirit.
  • No-nonsense risk management strategies and the increasing risk of allegations of negligence.
  • Strategies to meet the daily demands of your challenging medical career

We believe the book has the potential to transform the reader’s personal and professional life.  Designed for practicing physicians and those in training, (and available in print and convenient eBook,) the frank dialog between the authors, Dr. Tim Paterick and Dr. Ngo is like eavesdropping on their conversation about practice and life balance!  You’ll appreciate the sense of community here; knowing you are not alone will boost your confidence and give you actionable strategies for your work and your life.