Working Happy!

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Working Happy! How to Survive Burnout and Find Your Work/Life Synergy in the Healthcare Industry by Roger Kapoor, MD, MBA, is a groundbreaking book that offers fresh insights and new solutions to the growing crisis of burnout in the healthcare workplace.

The book takes an innovative, hands-on approach toward the two most important causes of employee burnout: workplace environment and personal attitude and behavior.

Whether you are seeking happiness in your present job, leaning toward changing jobs in the same industry, switching careers altogether, or even striking out on your own as an entrepreneur, this easy-to-read guide covers every contingency. Kapoor explains emotional resilience and provides powerful tools you can use right now to address burnout. Above all, the book encourages you to find your true purpose in work and life, let the money take care of itself, and develop your ikigai, or “life value.”

The book identifies the two central causes of workplace burnout: the workplace itself and your own attitude toward your job.

Each of the 10 chapters covers a different aspect of burnout and work/life synergy.

Chapter 1, Unhappy Workers and Employee Burnout sets the stage for the book and explains the problem of workplace burnout.

Chapter 2, The Two Sources of Burnout explores the two main causes of burnout: workplace environment and personal attitude and behavior.

Chapter 3, Finding Work/Life Synergy introduces the concept of work/life synergy and explains how it differs from work/life balance.

Chapter 4, Path #1: Find Happiness in Your Present Job helps readers analyze and reflect on their present job and provides actionable strategies to reduce stress and achieve work/life synergy.

Chapter 5, Path #2: Change Jobs explores the possibility of making a bigger change, such as changing jobs or exploring new horizons.

Chapter 6, Path #3: Change Your Career discusses the reasons people change careers and offers insight from people who have done just that.

Chapter 7, Emotional Resilience offers practical tips for achieving a positive work/life synergy in any work environment.

Chapter 8, Self-Help Strategies: Make Small Changes is a handy reference guide outlining powerful, practical steps readers can take every day to reduce their feelings of burnout.

Chapter 9, Your Purpose in Work and Life, helps readers find their true purpose in work and life and introduces the Japanese concept of ikigai.

Finally, chapter 10, Keep Working Happy! provides guidance on how to maintain work/life synergy and prevent burnout over the long term.

Unlike many business management books, this author has the trifecta of a solid academic training (an MBA), front-line clinical experience (as a practicing MD), and front-line administrative experience in solving the problems he talks about as a leader of a major health system.

Readers will feel the satisfaction of identifying the source of their burnout or stress and taking action to make a positive change. Everyone deserves to be happy, but we don’t know how to achieve it; this book shows you how you can change your working life and be happy.

Working Happy is filled with practical advice and actionable strategies that readers can implement right away. With its innovative approach and fresh insights, Working Happy is sure to become a classic in the field of healthcare workplace burnout and work/life synergy.