50 Unconventional Clinical Careers for Physicians: Unique Ways to Use Your Medical Degree Without Leaving Patient Care

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50 Unconventional Clinical Careers for Physicians: Unique Ways to Use Your Medical Degree Without Leaving Patient Care is a comprehensive guide to exploring alternative paths in clinical medicine.

Written by Sylvie Stacy, MD, MPH, author of the best-selling book 50 Nonclinical Careers for Physicians: Fulfilling, Meaningful, and Lucrative Alternatives to Direct Patient Care, (2020) this NEW book is essential for physicians who are looking to move away from traditional clinical practice and explore new avenues in medicine.

Conventional medical practice (e.g., traditional group or solo practice, employed by a hospital or healthcare system) sometimes leaves physicians feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, burned out, and undervalued — especially as healthcare corporations are increasingly not owned by physicians, as the scope of work of advanced practice providers increases, and as administrative burdens on physicians increase.

However, many physicians don’t realize the alternatives that are available to them. Many feel “stuck” in the type of practice they are displeased with. Others feel that they must leave medicine entirely. This book will advise them of a happy medium: uncommon and atypical types of clinical practices.

Each chapter includes general information about the career area, what physicians do in this type of work, and what makes it unconventional. The chapter also covers options for employers or practice types and how to get into this type of career.

Each section also includes an interview with a physician who practices in that area, providing readers with a real-world perspective on these careers.

As a bonus, part 3 of the book covers how to transition to an unconventional clinical practice. It provides information on gaining the necessary knowledge and skills, making a career change, starting an unconventional clinical practice, and succeeding in an unconventional role. It also addresses legal considerations, including malpractice and laws and regulations that may come into play.

50 Unconventional Clinical Careers for Physicians provides a comprehensive overview of alternative paths in medicine and covers everything from why a physician may want to consider an unconventional career to how to transition to an unconventional clinical practice.

The book is written in an accessible and engaging style and designed to augment the actionable advice from the author. It is a must-read for any physician who is feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, burned out, or undervalued in their current practice setting.