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CPT® 2025 Professional Edition is the definitive American Medical Association (AMA)-authored resource to help health care professionals correctly report and bill medical procedures and services. Health care professionals want accurate reporting of services rendered and reimbursement. Payers want efficient claims processing. Correct reporting and billing of medical procedures and services begins with CPT® 2025 Professional Edition.

The CPT® 2025 Professional Edition codebook covers hundreds of code, guideline and text changes and features:
CPT® Changes, CPT® Assistant, and Clinical Examples in Radiology citations — provides cross-referenced information to popular AMA resources that can enhance your understanding of the CPT code set. 
• A comprehensive index — locate codes related to a specific procedure, service, anatomic site, condition, synonym, eponym or abbreviation quickly. 
• Anatomical and procedural illustrations — help improve coding accuracy and understanding of the anatomy and services/procedures discussed. 
• Overall codebook table of contents —enable a quick search of the entire codebook’s content for quick access. 
• Section table of contents — provide a useful tool to navigate effectively and quickly through each section’s codes. 
• Complete list of the additions, deletions and revisions for codes and code descriptors — provide a summary and quick reference of the 2025 changes in the codes without having to compare editions. 
• Multiple appendices — offer additional information for modifiers; add-on codes; images of vascular families; resequenced codes, MAAAs and PLA services, digital medicine-services taxonomy; guidance for classifying various AI applications of AI for medical services and procedures; and all audio-only telemedicine CPT codes. 
• Comprehensive E/M code selection tables — aid physicians and coders in assigning the most appropriate evaluation and management codes. 
• Notes pages at the end of every code set section and subsection. 


Publication Date:                  October 2024
Binding and Size:                    Spiralbound, 8-1/2" x 11"
Page Count:                            Approx. 1,200