RVUs at Work: Relative Value Units in the Medical Practice 2nd Edition

RVUs at Work: Relative Value Units in the Medical Practice 2nd Edition

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The Second Edition of RVUs at Work: Relative Value Units in the Medical Practice, is a practical print (and eBook) by Coker Group's Max Reiboldt and Justin Chamblee that gives medical practices breakthrough control over costs, compensation, productivity, managed care contract negotiations in light of new accountable care scenarios.

This book provides the latest information on RVUs and applies working knowledge to executives who are tasked with measuring various areas of productivity in the medical practice within the current healthcare landscape. Specific recommendations around physician productivity in the context of RVUs and the accountable care era are covered, including quality outcomes and allowable reimbursement.

Noteworthy Features for the 2nd Edition:

  • Clear and easy to read -- written in layperson's terms so practice administrators and physicians can immediately begin to implement an RVU approach.
  • New chapter on Legal Aspects of using RVUs for compensation – Real world scenarios for private practice, and hospital-employed physician settings.
  • Your 2014 and beyond blueprint -- how best to apply and use RVUs in the management and evaluation of provider performance.
  • Practical -- includes examples of how different real-world medical practices are using RVUs to cut costs, enhance efficiency, boost profitability, and assure quality of care.
  • Huge "upside" potential -- by applying the RVU approach, practice managers gain a consistent and impartial way to align how money is spent and how staff and providers use their time with the maximum benefits for both patients and the practice.